Summer 2021 Updates

As Covid-19 protocols continue to change, our goal is to provide the safest environment possible for our patients, families and staff. Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have limited the number of people in our building.  As a result of this, we shifted our patient arrival process to the parking lot. Our families have … Continued

When should kids start going to the dentist?

With all of the details parents have to juggle, dental appointments for kids with very few teeth may rank low on the list. The truth is, dental decay can start as early as age 1.   Being proactive at an early age and learning how to care for your child’s teeth properly will help your child … Continued

Is Fluoride Important for Teeth?

Children’s Dentistry of Knoxville offers fluoride treatments to help prevent tooth decay. On our blog post, learn about the benefits & safety of fluoride.

COVID-19 Appointment Procedures

At Children’s Dentistry of Knoxville, your family’s health is our top priority. Read our latest blog to find out how we’re keeping our appointments safe!

Coronavirus Emergency Dentist for Kids

Open sign If your child has a dental emergency during the coronavirus pandemic, call Children’s Dentistry of Knoxville at 865-357-5560 for emergency dental care for kids in Knoxville, TN.

Do Babies Need to Visit the Dentist?

Dark-haired baby at their first birthday eats a cake before visiting the dentist for the first time Children’s Dentistry of Knoxville provides comprehensive pediatric dentistry. Read our blog post to discover when a baby should have their 1st dental visit!

Does My Child Have a Cavity?

Blonde girl cringes in pain and touches her cheek due to a toothache from a cavity that needs treatment at Children's Dentistry of Knoxville Read our blog post to learn about common warning signs of cavities. Schedule your child’s checkup at our office to ensure they are cavity-free!

Fun Dental Stocking Stuffers for Kids

Closeup of red stockings that need stocking stuffers hanging on the mantlepiece by a Christmas tree Happy holidays from our dental team at Children’s Dentistry of Knoxville! Read our blog post to discover fun dental stocking stuffers for kids this holiday season.

Welcome to Our Knoxville Children’s Dental Office!

Looking up into huddle of multiracial kids smiling after seeing a pediatric dentist Read our blog post to learn about the benefits of childhood dental care and seeing a children’s dentist. Contact us today to schedule your child’s visit with us! We’d be thrilled to care for their smile.