Do Babies Need to Visit the Dentist?

Dark-haired baby at their first birthday eats a cake before visiting the dentist for the first time

With how fast babies grow and develop, parents routinely visit the pediatrician for checkups, shots, and if their child gets sick. But what about visits to the dentist? You may think there’s no point in bringing your child to the dentist unless your baby has a mouth full of teeth.

But the truth is, babies and young children still need to regularly see the dentist! Read on to learn when to schedule your baby’s first dental visit and what you can expect at Children’s Dentistry of Knoxville, your pediatric dentist in Knoxville, TN.

The Time for a Baby’s First Visit

We recommend you bring your child in for their first dental appointment within six months of when they get their very first tooth or by their first birthday.

Even a baby can be susceptible to oral health problems. It’s important to track their dental health from an early age to prevent and treat any issues, as well as help familiarize them with going to the dentist. Attending biannual dental visits allows them to develop a positive association with the dentist and taking care of their teeth!

What Happens at a Baby’s Dental Appointment?

There are still lots of things to check and talk about with your child’s dentist even when your little one doesn’t have very many teeth. For example, our dental team will evaluate your child’s oral development, make sure there aren’t any signs of early-stage tooth decay, and check if they would benefit from a frenectomy for a tongue-tie.

Whether you are a first-time parent or a seasoned pro, we can discuss all your dental-related concerns, such as properly cleaning your child’s mouth, avoiding baby bottle tooth decay, and the potential negative effects of prolonged thumbsucking and pacifier use.

Your Child’s Oral Health Is Our Priority!

We’ve seen firsthand how regular dental visits in childhood helps encourage kids to establish and maintain great dental healthcare habits. They become comfortable with routine checkups and cleanings and are less likely to develop dental anxiety and oral health problems.

Is your child due for their first dental visit? Come visit our friendly team at Children’s Dentistry of Knoxville! Our team would be thrilled to be your child’s dental provider. Call us today at 865-357-5560 to schedule their first appointment!

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