Is Fluoride Important for Teeth?

At Children’s Dentistry of Knoxville, we offer fluoride treatments for children of all ages to help prevent tooth decay. In this blog post, we discuss the benefits and safety of fluoride.

What Is a Fluoride Treatment?

At the dentist, a fluoride treatment involves applying a fluoride gel to the surface of the teeth. The fluoride is then absorbed into the teeth. This simple preventive treatment only takes a few minutes, but it can really go a long way in strengthening teeth and making them more resistant to decay. In fact, fluoride treatments can reverse early signs of tooth decay by promoting remineralization.

Remineralization is a natural process that repairs weakened teeth as calcium, phosphate, and fluoride ions are deposited into the enamel’s crystalline mineral structure. In contrast, the demineralization of teeth involves the loss of these minerals. Demineralized enamel subsequently becomes susceptible to decay and cavities.

Children with healthy, strong tooth enamel are less likely to experience sensitive teeth, decay, and cavities in both childhood and adulthood. Having your child receive regular fluoride treatments at a children’s dentist is a simple and affordable way to help them maintain strong teeth. Additionally, children (and adults!) should brush and floss every day, drink plenty of water, and consume a balanced diet.

Is Fluoride Safe for Kids?

Similar to nearly any substance, excessive intake or exposure may lead to health problems. But research has shown that fluoride at certain levels is safe and effective at reducing decay. At Children’s Dentistry of Knoxville, patient safety is always our top priority. Our experienced dental team uses a safe amount of fluoride during fluoride treatments.

To reduce the potential for ingesting excessive fluoride, parents can monitor how much toothpaste their child uses. Children under three years old only need to use a smear of toothpaste the size of a grain of rice. And children over three only need a pea-sized amount.

Pediatric Fluoride Treatments in Knoxville, TN

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