When should kids start going to the dentist?

With all of the details parents have to juggle, dental appointments for kids with very few teeth may rank low on the list. The truth is, dental decay can start as early as age 1.   Being proactive at an early age and learning how to care for your child’s teeth properly will help your child … Continued

COVID-19 Appointment Procedures

At Children’s Dentistry of Knoxville, your family’s health is our top priority. Read our latest blog to find out how we’re keeping our appointments safe!

Does My Child Have a Cavity?

Blonde girl cringes in pain and touches her cheek due to a toothache from a cavity that needs treatment at Children's Dentistry of Knoxville Read our blog post to learn about common warning signs of cavities. Schedule your child’s checkup at our office to ensure they are cavity-free!

Welcome to Our Knoxville Children’s Dental Office!

Looking up into huddle of multiracial kids smiling after seeing a pediatric dentist Read our blog post to learn about the benefits of childhood dental care and seeing a children’s dentist. Contact us today to schedule your child’s visit with us! We’d be thrilled to care for their smile.

Tooth Enamel vs Bacteria…How to Protect Your Teeth

Tooth vs plaque EVERY DAY INSIDE YOUR MOUTH, there is an epic battle of good versus evil being waged over the ultimate prize: your teeth! And guess what… only YOU can protect them from the destructive forces that seek to harm them by strengthening your enamel. The Good Guys And The Bad Guys Because tooth enamel is the … Continued

4 Fun Dental Apps for You & Your Little Ones

Girl using ipad OUR SMARTPHONES are never farther than an arm’s length away and help us do everything from track our calendars to track our calories. Today, we want to show you the wonders they can do for our daily hygiene routines with the help of these apps! Chomper Chums Getting your child excited about brushing their teeth can … Continued

Tips To Soothe Your Teething Child

Toddler getting kisses from mom   TEETHING CAN BE an uncomfortable process for both your little one and those who care for them. We know our patients want to help soothe their babies as best they can through this time, so today we’re going to share our thoughts on teething and how you can help them through this process. Each Child’s … Continued

GumChucks® And ORTHOgami Make Flossing Easy!

Children's flossing gumchucks WE’VE SAID IT TIME AND TIME AGAIN… flossing is essential for a healthy mouth! But it’s not always the most enjoyable task of the day, especially for kids. If you’re looking for an easier way to help your kids floss–and have fun while they’re at it–we’ve got just the product for you! GumChucks® Make Flossing Easy … Continued