Halloween Candy to Avoid

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Halloween is almost here, which means your little one is probably getting super excited to dress up in a fun costume and go around the neighborhood trick or treating for candy. You probably already know that candy can have quite a negative effect on dental health. We definitely don’t want to spoil the holiday (we love it, too!), but we are dental professionals after all and our goal is to protect your child’s smile. So we’ve put together a list of some Halloween candies it’d be better to avoid for the sake of your kid’s teeth.

  1. Caramels
  2. Caramel candies are notoriously sticky and difficult to remove from the crevices of your teeth. The trouble is, when candy sticks to teeth like that, it allows more time for bad oral bacteria to feast, produce enamel-destroying acid, and accumulate into plaque. And this means more risk for decay, cavities, and gum disease. Caramels are especially hazardous for kids who are wearing braces.

  3. Lollipops
  4. There are several reasons why parents and kids should be wary of lollipops. First, sucking on them for an extended period of time allows more time for the sugar to linger in the mouth and feed bad oral bacteria. Second, this constant sucking can irritate the roof of your child’s mouth. And thirdly, if your child decides they’d rather bite the lollipop, they risk cracking a tooth.

  5. Jolly Ranchers
  6. Similarly, Jolly Ranchers are also scary for your kiddo’s oral health. These hard little candies are full of sugar, and they’re not gentle on the teeth whether you’re sucking on them or biting them. The longer they’re in your mouth, the longer bacteria have to get their fill. And well-fed bacteria mean more damaging acids and plaque.

  7. Jawbreakers
  8. We like to call this type of candy “Toothbreakers”. Jawbreakers, Jaw Busters, Red Hots, Atomic Fireballs, and Gobstoppers aren’t the kind of candy you want your child gnawing away on. One wrong bite could leave them with a cracked or broken tooth!

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